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What bidders need to know about government procurement transformation

The Cabinet Office issued another update yesterday on the Procurement Reform Bill. I've picked out a couple of key points for bidders.

The main thing is that procurement will no longer follow rigid procedures. Buyers will have significantly more flexibility to design competitions appropriate to their needs. This means bidders will also need to be increasingly flexible with their bid processes and governance. It also creates an opportunity for bidders to influence the procurement in their favour, for example encouraging the inclusion of product demonstrations.

The Bill will create a single digital platform for suppliers to register their details that can be used for all bids, while a single central transparency platform will allow suppliers to see all opportunities and contract data in once place. This should make finding and applying for tenders easier and more cost effective than using proprietary solutions.

Finally, the Bill says that value for money will be the highest priority in procurement. How you define ‘value’ is another question and there are excellent models out there that support this, but knowing what the buyer cares about is always a good place to start.

If you’re interested and want to find out more about the Bill then follow the link to the dedicated website.

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