• eve

What would you pay to qualify for a £100m deal?

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

This is not an entreaty for bribes, by the way. Rather, how would you like to qualify for a £100m PQQ for a cost of £5k? I think that counts as value for money…

Pay £5k to win £100m

I sometimes hear grumbles about how consultants and freelancers get paid too much. You could ask them right now how great the government support was through COVID. Who pays the pension/sick/holiday, how bonkers IR35 is and all the rest? But rather than be all ‘woe is me’, I’m now trying to point out the value of what we deliver.

It’s interesting when you teach scoring, reviewing and writing for evaluation in a nice ivory tower, and a client says, "Ok big mouth - we have two working days to submission and this 10-page question is sat at zero". Your mission is to make it better. All the subject matter experts are on leave. Oh, and it’s the most important question of 5. Good luck!

I got the call last night - it scored 10/10. Nothing will ever beat that feeling, and I will never be able to stop doing all parts of this job from formatting a document at 2am to building a bidding capability. Not many employee roles can give you that diversity and challenge, so I’m happy. And the client got to the next round, so they’re happy.

If you'd like to know how we did this, then we're developing a Reviewing & Scoring masterclass to share the methods and techniques that work, and we'll show you how to implement it. Which is another great example of value for money. Keep checking for news of its release.