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Top tips for better bidding

A list of top tips for better bidding

As a past Chair of APMP UK, I was asked to contribute my top bidding tips for a feature celebrating their 20th anniversary.

Once I started, I realised I could write a book on there's an idea!

Here they are in no particular order. Do you agree with them? What would you add?

  1. Capture Management isn’t about filling in a Capture Plan – the journey, discussions, thinking and actions are more important.

  2. Capture doesn’t end when the tender arrives, it’s a never ending process that endures throughout the proposal stage and into delivery.

  3. Focus forensically on the evaluation scores and chase every mark – winning bids often hinges on the finest of margins.

  4. Train your proposal reviewers how to review. If you use experienced and skilled bid resources, why not reviewers?

  5. Coach your subject matter experts in the arts of proposal writing – it’s much more effective and promotes a right first time approach.

  6. No two bids are ever the same – use them as an opportunity to learn, develop, and grow.

  7. Use real data to measure your company’s bidding performance across a range of metrics and performance indicators.

  8. Be clear about your team’s purpose – is it to chase certain wins or to break new ground and go after the hard to wins?

  9. Learn lessons and implement improvements at every stage of a bid – don’t just leave it to the end when it’s too late.

  10. Constantly challenge your own bidding practices – are they the best they can be? Is there a better way? How can we improve our bidding performance?

  11. Never underestimate the power and impact of design-thinking throughout capture and the proposal to shout “WHY US!”

  12. Everyone has a part to play. Respect and listen to every member of the team – just because someone is organisationally senior, it doesn’t make them superior.


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