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Top 3 things to look for in a win theme

The three things to look for in a win theme

Win themes are the essence of your win strategy. They’re the messages that you need to weave into your bid documents that persuade the customer to choose you over every other option.

So what must a win theme be and what does good look like?

  1. Customer focussed. Your themes must be about things the customer cares about and values. They’re not about you, or your features, or how great a company you are. Tip: if your themes mention you more than the customer, then they’re not customer focussed.

  2. Benefits. Every theme must contain at least one outcome that will benefit the customer. This can be in the form of savings, efficiencies, expediency, improved capability, risk mitigation, etc. Tip. Read each theme and ask yourself (or the author), “so what?”. If you can’t explain the value/benefit/outcome in a succinct way that makes perfect sense, them ask again and keep going until you get there.

  3. Believable. Every theme must be backed up with credible and relevant proof to build trust and confidence. For example, can you include verifiable statistical evidence from a similar project? Tip. Read each theme and ask, “prove it!” If you can’t provide a qualitative or quantitative example, or statistics, or some other form of evidence then why would the customer believe you?

Ask yourself these questions the next time you write or review a set of win themes. Be that critical friend – the improvement is always worth it.


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