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There's more to bid win rates than meets the eye

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Bid win rates depend on many different factors

Winning bids is dependent on many variables, which is why I believe they can be a misleading measure. Can anyone think of any more determining factors to winning a bid that I’ve missed?

  1. Bidding as the incumbent or challenger

  2. Customer relationship

  3. Cultural fit between you and the customer

  4. Market reputation

  5. Whether bidding in an established or new market

  6. Whether bidding for new, add-on, or renewal business

  7. Qualification rigour and no-bid decisions – do you bid for everything?

  8. Price

  9. Evidence in the form of case studies

  10. Appetite for risk

  11. Contractual compliance

  12. Commercial strategy/solution

  13. Solution features, benefits and differentiation

  14. Whether your resources are working exclusively on your bid or several others concurrently

  15. The quality of competition at any given time. Have they got their A team on it? Who are they partnering with? Are they distracted by delivery issues?

  16. Are you counting bids that are call-offs from frameworks?


Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash