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Making the case for capture

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

There are big government contract prizes to be won. Are you ready to compete?

Invitation to tender for Covid-19 home testing fulfilment services

A tender for a £550m 1-year contract for COVID-19 Home Testing Fulfilment Services was released last week by DHSC. And because it’s an Accelerated Open Procedure, suppliers have just 17 days (two more than the minimum) to submit a bid. Even if they started the moment it was released, that’s only 11.5 working days. Pretty sporty.

11.5 days to develop a strategy, build a team, design a solution, cost it, plan the bid, write and review it, ask and assess clarification questions, plan for a presentation, pass through governance gates (it’s a big £ number), assess risk, organise sub-contractors. You get the point.

And THAT’S why good capture management is so vitally important. Imagine starting from nothing and hoping to win in that timeframe.

Luckily(!) the tender and evaluation scheme are straightforward – it’s clear where you should focus your efforts to earn the winning scores. Yet the evaluation criteria makes it likely that competent bidders will all hit the maximum quality scores meaning that price will be the key differentiator, so you’ll need to add Price to Win to your to-do list…

Is it Amazon’s to lose? Possibly.

Is it a government box ticking exercise? That’s the suspicion.

Winnable? Only if you knew it was coming and if you know how to earn those all-important scores to beat the competition.

That’s where BidCraft comes in. It’s what we do.


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