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Learn the 3 pitch essentials

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

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I was sat on a pitch practice panel for a scale-up group recently - it’s ace to hear people that passionate about what they do. It is always fascinating to be sold to again rather than the other way round.

In the bidding world, we get involved in deep discussion about the nuances of some particular technical aspect of what we do, and sometimes it can be good to raise our heads and think of the critical eternal ideas:

  1. keep the customer at the centre of everything - what pain do they feel, what do they want, what outcomes will our solution deliver for them

  2. make sure it’s clear why anyone should choose you over the competition, help the world understand how great you will be for them

  3. if you are going to talk and have slides with lots of words on, your audience will be mostly reading…


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