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Announcing the BidCraft Academy

Antony Sklivagkos - Unsplash
Invest in your professional development journey with the BidCraft Academy

Get exam-ready to pass APMP’s new Capture Practitioner certification.

We’ve developed an online learning system called the BidCraft Academy. It’s ‘online by design’ and uses a variety of lesson formats to support diverse learning styles and help embed the understanding.

Learners can go at their own pace and access the courses wherever and whenever they choose. You can also learn with us and with others through live Q&A sessions and discussion groups, so you won’t be abandoned.

The first live course is for APMP’s Capture Practitioner certification, with Practitioner and Foundation coming very soon. We’ll also be offering Bidding Skills learning programmes with our Bidding Essentials and Bidding Masterclasses.

Check out the BidCraft Academy and begin your journey to capture practitioner -