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5 tips for better bid reviews

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Bid reviews can feel like something to get through intact. Here’s how to make them a value adding activity to give you better bids.

Make bid reviews a value-adding exercise
Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

  1. Have a 'review kick-off' so everyone understands: the review process, their role, how you want feedback and when, specific guidance on why the content is written the way it is, customer instructions regarding page or word count limits.

  2. Issue a reviewer’s guide to back-up everything from the review kick-off.

  3. Make it easy for reviewers to give feedback. Did you know that the Comments feature in Adobe Acrobat is a brilliant way to mark-up a document and makes merging multiple reviewers’ comments into a single file a doddle? This makes the writer's life easier, too.

  4. Use ‘rolling reviews’ where content is scored with advice on how to improve the score. The reviewer and writer then work together to improve the score, which may involve several iterative review cycles, hence the name. Afterwards, you can compare the review score with the customer’s score to see if you’re being overly generous or critical.

  5. Train reviewers to be reviewers and keep a register of who they are. This reduces the amount of briefing time and leads to better quality review output. Reviewers should be recognised for their role to avoid it being something they do at weekends.

  6. A bonus tip! Keep the same reviewers throughout the bid and think of them as part of the team. Whilst they shouldn’t be involved in the writing or solutioning, they can contribute to the win strategy and be a sounding-board for testing ideas.