Capture management services and training

The difference between losing and winning bids often hinges on the smallest details. Do you truly know the customer? What will you do to beat the competition? Does your solution give you a competitive edge? Are you ready to win?

We use our independence and curiosity to constructively challenge and play the role of a critical friend. You’ll hear us say “so what?” repeatedly as we seek to trigger creative thought and avoid complacency.


We use our hands-on experience of capture management and our understanding of psychology to focus on what really matters – producing a compelling bid that resonates with the customer, beats the competition, plays to your strengths, and is viable in delivery. It’s reality over theory.

Bid and capture win strategies

win strategies

Developing actionable win strategies

This isn’t shiny shelfware that's forgotten about when the tender arrives. We use a structured approach to derive the actions needed to win the bid and craft the messaging that shouts “why you”.


We help find the sweet spot between what the customer cares about, the competition, and your own capabilities – and we make sure this endures through the bid and beyond.

capture management

Positioning you to win

Capture isn’t an exact science – it’s an art. It's about opportunity management to make sure you're prepared and positioned to win.


We implement, lead or coach a capture management capability tuned to your organisation, making winning bids a sustainable habit.

Capture management
Bid pre mortem


How not to lose

Pre-mortems are a fail-fast technique to quickly identify the possible causes for losing before you begin. Where win strategies focus on how to win, pre-mortems focus on how not to lose. Combined, they’re incredibly powerful.


We challenge you to identify and respond to the potential causes for losing, giving you time to take preventative action and avoid the dreaded "if only..."