We never stop learning – it’s embedding the lessons that’s hard. Do you stop to think “how can we do this better”? Even if you have the answers, you might not have the time to make it happen.

Our capability development, training and L.I.F.E services help you to become the best version of yourselves at bidding. We’re not here to sell a methodology or some software – instead, we observe how you currently operate and identify prioritised areas for improvement.


Our training style is to teach what we practice. Our hands-on bidding experience allows us to share practical lessons alongside best practices, giving your people the skills they need in the real world.

Bid capability development

capability development

Giving you the bidding capability to realise your business goals

We work with you to agree the target operating model for your bidding operations and develop a plan to achieve it. Starting by looking at your current operation, we develop the people, processes, and tools you need.


Our approach is to keep things simple, start small and grow using an agile approach. In our experience this gives better outcomes and quicker benefits.

training courses

Giving your people the skills and understanding they need

Our bid and capture training gives your people the competencies they need in line with your business objectives and their personal development plans.


Our Bidding Essentials course provides a broad understanding of bidding from start to finish, while our Bidding Masterclasses explore specific topics in more depth. We also offer APMP certification training.

Bid training courses
Bid lessons learned

learning intelligently from experience

Improving your bidding performance with LIFE

We independently research why bids are won or lost and then we analyse the data to make recommendations to improve your bidding capability.


Our LIFE service gives you the sustainable means to learn real lessons that are value-adding rather than just being a tick-box exercise.