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We believe a consultant must be excellent at doing, advising and teaching. You cannot advise or teach without doing; consultants need to be able to advise others on how to improve their world as well as do it for them; and… you get the picture.


Consultants are special animals that partner with clients to solve their problems using their know-how to deliver real business outcomes. We say ‘business outcomes’ because this is not just ‘for the wins’ – we want our customers’ world to be a better place after we leave.

BidCraft is its consultants. In a flat structure we all do what is needed to succeed.

Photograph of Jon Darby

Jon Darby

It’s the competitive nature of bidding that got me hooked. That was over twenty years ago. Since then – through the joy of winning and pain of losing – I’ve come to realise that winning business is an art

Photograph of Eve Upton

Eve Upton

Did you know that saying “so what?” is a critical analytical skill in bidding? As soon as I found this out, I knew it was the career for me - and that was nineteen(!) years ago...

Photograph of Gareth Earle

Gareth Earle

History degrees. That’s what sparked my enthusiasm for bidding 15 years ago! Most importantly data identification and analysis, and answering the question!

APMP Foundation certified
APMP Practitioner certified
APMP Professional certified
APMP Capture Practitioner certified
APMP Capture Practitioner certified
APMP Foundation certified
APMP Practitioner certified
Winner of APMP's Palm Award for best presentation at the Winning Business Virtual Conference in 2020.
APMP Practitioner certified
APMP Foundation certified

At BidCraft, I help companies become the best bidding version of themselves. I love working with them to introduce new techniques, evolve what they have, and simplify how they do things.


I take huge pride in contributing to the bidding profession. I’ve served on the board of APMP UK rising to Chapter Chair in 2018. I'm a regular speaker at APMP events and webinars, and I’m an APMP UK Rapport mentor.


So what? I’m at the forefront of the bidding profession and I have the expertise and experience to make you more successful at winning business.

At BidCraft I help companies become better at bidding. My favourite thing is to help them beat the competition, train the team, or get stuck in to improve their capability.


I enjoy contributing to the bidding profession by presenting at conferences, which is a blast. I love presenting something new and challenging each time to get people thinking. The community and shared therapy of the network hooked me immediately, and now I'm proud to be their Finance Director.


I have a degree in psychology from Leeds Uni, so yes, I do know what you are thinking...

As an accomplished all-rounder in the bid profession I help our customers across the entire business winning spectrum - from capture management to process improvement and everything in between.

I love sharing my insights, knowledge, and experience with anyone, as well as learning from others. If we all learn something from each other, we can all grow professionally and personally. As well as presenting at APMP conferences, I have served on the APMP UK Chapter Board, including being Chapter Chair in 2020.

Having previously procured services for the BBC, I have been on the other side of the table and have experience of what a good proposal looks like.

Abstract Background

A network of experts

We work with brilliant people and companies that let us flexibly scale to deliver solutions. This can range from delivering targeted interventions to deploying resources to win strategic bids.

social value

We partner with experts at implementing enterprise-wide and tender-specific social value strategies

design thinking

We partner with design thinkers Ellis James Creative who bring your content and your strategic messaging to life

cost modelling

We have access to analytical modellers who engineer robust cost models that align requirements, costs, and proposal responses into a viable business case.

bid writers

They write coherent and compelling content that answers the question, earns the scores and pulls through your win themes. They're worth their weight in gold.

graphic design

Need your picture to paint a thousand words? We work with creative types who know the bidding world and convert sketches to slick on-brand diagrams.

bid managers

Bid Managers are the glue. The conductor of the symphony. We work with hugely experienced people who make an instant impact and lead the team on the journey to submission.

Join us?

If your craft is bidding, and you’d like to work with a company that values your expertise and offers diverse assignments, then we’d love to hear from you.

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We are a signatory to the Prompt Payment Code - a voluntary code of practice for businesses, administered by the Office of the Small Business Commissioner (SBC) on behalf of BEIS.

we undertake to

  1. pay suppliers on time, within agreed terms

  2. pay suppliers early if we are paid early

  3. give clear guidance to suppliers on terms, dispute resolution and prompt notification of late payment

  4. support good practice throughout our supply chain by encouraging adoption of the Code

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Our commitment

Every time someone buys one of our courses we commit to support the funding of carbon offset projects and responsible tree planting around the world

Our impact

For every course purchased, we will fund the planting of 25 trees and remove 0.5 tonnes of CO2

This is how far we've come - help us grow our forest and see the impact of your contribution via the link below

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