Jon Darby

MD and Founder

It’s the competitive nature of bidding that got me hooked. That was over twenty years ago. Since then – through the joy of winning and pain of losing – I’ve come to realise that winning business is an art.

Did you know that saying “so what?” is a critical analytical skill in bidding? As soon as I found this out, I knew it was the career for me - and that was nineteen(!) years ago...

Eve Upton


At BidCraft, I help companies become the best bidding version of themselves. I love working with them to introduce new techniques, evolve what they have, and simplify how they do things.

I take huge pride in giving something back to the bidding profession and making it a valued career of choice. This is what led to me serving on the board of APMP UK for seven years as their Marketing Director, Vice Chair, Chapter Chair and Annual Awards Director. I'm also a regular speaker at APMP events and via webinars.

So, what does this all mean to you? It means that I’m at the forefront of the bidding profession. It demonstrates that I have the expertise to make you more successful at winning business. And it proves that I have the experience to get the best out of your bidding operations.

At BidCraft I help companies get better at bidding - be that through working out the best strategy to beat the competition, providing independent reviews to continually hone a proposal or presentation, training the team, or getting stuck in to improving their capability. I’m constantly practicing my negotiation skills through attempts to persuade Jon to change the company name to ‘WitchCraft’. Do help my cause through the ‘get in touch’ form below. Please.

APMP is a relatively new world for me. I presented at the first UK conference I attended, which was a blast, and continue to do so because presenting to my peers keeps me on my toes to produce something new and challenging each time. The community and shared therapy of the network hooked me immediately, and now I am proud to be their Finance Director. 

I have a degree in psychology from Leeds Uni, so yes, I do know what you are thinking...

BidCraft deploys expert bid resources to win bids


BidCraft is a company with hidden depths. Small but beautifully formed, we operate an associate model that allows us to deploy a range of expert bid resources to meet your specific requirements.

Our associate pool allows us to flexibly scale to deliver work. This can range from delivering targeted interventions, to deploying resources into single or multiple bid campaigns.

We prioritise quality over quantity and only use suitably qualified and experienced associates who consistently demonstrate the capabilities required to deliver our services.

We are familiar with working in mixed teams of permanent and contract staff, with the challenges and opportunities that can bring. We are adept at leading campaigns without the direct authority that comes from being an in-house Bid Manager, where leadership, expertise, experience, and a broad range of adaptive working styles are all essential.

At BidCraft, we foster a winning culture within the teams we lead and work in, because we understand how powerful this can be. And we rather like winning.



If your craft is bidding, and you’d like to work with a company that values your expertise and offers diverse assignments, then we’d love to hear from you.

You can get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page.

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