Bid management services and training

Are you happy with your win rates? Can you find smarter ways of working to improve performance? Are your bids the best they can be? Going through the motions is worse than not bidding – if you’re going to bid, then bid like you mean it.

Our reviewing, coaching and benchmarking services challenge your thinking and guide you to develop outstanding bids that improve your probability of winning. It sounds easy when you say it quickly, yet we know from bitter experience this isn't the case. No two bids are ever the same, so our approach is adaptable to your situation.


We complement your existing bidding capability and don't seek to impose methodologies, best practices or tools that won't suit your organisation. Instead, we keep things simple and nudge you in the right direction to make a quick and enduring impact.​

Bid reviewing and scoring

reviewing and scoring

Helping you to develop outstanding bids

We independently review your bids to make sure they're evaluator-friendly and high-scoring.


We use our Reviewing & Scoring service to assess whether your bids fully answer the question, address the evaluation criteria, and pull through your win themes - making them clear and compelling.


Giving you the confidence to succeed

We develop your people on the job by guiding and inspiring them to find practical solutions to real-world issues.


We coach people to identify issues and opportunities to help them move forward with clarity and purpose towards a defined goal.

Bid team coaching
Bid capability benchmarking


Getting the best out of your bidding operations

We assess your bidding operations to benchmark them against bidding best practices. 


We combine these practices with our own bid and capture management experience to develop a tailored development plan that works for you, letting you focus on the day job.